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Frequently Asked Questions and Tips about webhosting


In case of a transfer it is necessary that the name if the owner of the domain is the same as you fill in at our form. To be able to transfer the domain successfully it is necessary that you advise your former domain provider so that they put your domain at "unlocked" and will cooperate with the transfer. Do this is soon as possible.


A transfer of a domain .com .net .org .info .biz .us you can do not sooner than after 60 days that the domains first was created, transferred before or changed owners.


In case of a transfer your site will be not a moment unavailable. When the domain is at our service we use temporally the name servers of your former host and will continue working like that. Afterwards we prepare your webspace at our servers and you we give you access with a special temporally URL. Like that you can upload your site and test it. When this is done you notify us and we will point the name servers to our servers. In the next 48 hours the whole Internet will be slowly start to use your new hosting.

Your visitors will not notice the transfer (or it must be because our servers are more reliable and faster).




You can create e-mail addresses under your domain. One of the possibilities is the popular POP3. These accounts you can use in various forms. For example with MS Outlook. In Outlook under "account" you can fill in the full e-mail address. Under "Server" you can fill in "mail.yourdomain.ext".


For the outgoing mail (smtp) you can use the server of your Internet provider. In case your Internet provider does not have this service you can use our servers. To do that you fill in at smpt "mail.yourdomain.ext". Afterwards you need activate the checkbox "My server needs authentication" and afterwards you need to fill in ones more the e-mail address and the password.


Besides programs like Outlook you can use also online webmail.
In case of Webmail it is very important that the e-mails will be cleaned because the space for this will be counted also for the maximum available for your plan.

With the plans B, C, D you visit for webmail: http://mail.yourdomain.ext

With the plans E, F, G you visit for webmail http://webmail.yourdomain.ext




You can put your site online with a FTP program. You can use whichever FTP program you wish but if you still don’t have a favorite FTP program we can recommend Filezilla. Filezilla is better, more stable and faster than most other FTP programs. Besides that it is a free FTP program.

Download Free FTP Program Filezilla


In Filezilla you can under "Site Manager" create an account. You can fill in:

Host: ftp.yourdomain.ext

Logontype: Normal

User: user

Password: your password

(user and password will be send to you after activating your hosting)


Optional: You can under "advanced" give the local and remote directory.

The remote directory where you should put your site is:

With plan B, C, D: /wwwroot/

With plan E, F, G: /yourdomain.ext/


You can use also programs as for example MS Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc. etc. to create your site. Those programs have options to upload your site to the server. In case of Frontpage we recommend using a FTP program like Filezilla in stead.

The User and Password will be send to you after activating your hosting.




With the plans A, B, C en D the statistics are accessible in the control panel.

With the plans E, F en G the statistics are accessible at www.yourdomain.ext/stats/




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